Police exceeds NY 3-1 San Cristobal, in friendly match

admin May 18th, 2018

SAN CRISTOBAL.- A team from the New York Police beat three goals by one to a selected veteran of the city of San Cristobal, in a match held Wednesday at Panamerican Stadium.

A hat-trick scored by Demetre Vernon were determined to give victory to the visitors of the NYPD in this friendly encounter. The home team's only goal was the work of Clever Santana.

The friendly match is part of the activities of the Football Association in the province of San Cristobal and has served to strengthen the friendly lasos among athletes of the NYPD and the leaders of San Cristobal.

Shortly after the match the visitors of the New York Police made shirts delivered a lot of children present. They also deliver props for promoting football game.

Then was held a ceremony in which the officer Edward Torres, Technical Director of the New York Police received a plaque was presented by Gerard Dipré, activity coordinator.

Ramón Sánchez, development director of the Dominican Football Federation, He was coordinating the event with official Fausto Garcia and Wilson Reynoso, the latter acted as liaisons NY Police and National Police.