Success: Female ends Futsal Tournament La Romana

admin May 28th, 2018

In Romanian.- a day of great jubilation have spent in developing Futsal Women's Cup, in honor of Mother's Day “Copa Pina Supply”. We have the participation of teams Higuey, El Seybo, beautiful villa(LR) and La Romana. On this occasion the Football Association of La Romana, he used to reward the Champions League Futsal 1st School of Villa Hermosa, and deliver a plaque to Professor Arturo Morales, and goalkeeper, The native Romanian, Odalis Báez.
As always our Association promotes sporting values ​​and healthy competition among children, girls and young people of our province and region.
This time we have the valuable contribution of our friends in Agua El Eden, Pina Supply, Mayor of the city of La Romana and Union Deportiva.
Infinite thanks to Professor Micaela Martinez, Referees Juan Alberto and Robert who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything went well, Just as every one of those who contribute from their place with us. En especial a Erik Abreu y al profe Arturo Morales.


Que Dios los Siga bendiciendo ! Hasta el proximo gol de la Asofur

Thank you !