Football brought them out of the chiripa

admin May 13th, 2018

Ramón Rodríguez
Santo Domingo

Dominican League Soccer (LDF) It has become a society of opportunities for dozens of young people in the Dominican Republic and abroad.

Miguel de Jesus (Mon) Ramirez and Wisman Modesta are just two examples of how his life has changed since operations began LDF.

One, my Ramírez, native of San Cristobal, He was an assistant electrician, one chiripero was doing "whatever" in order to earn "a Chelita". The other, Modesta, a boy apart neighborhood school, He is the spent wandering in the neighborhood Los Guandules, in this capital.

Like them, dozens of teenagers and young people have been recruited by the different clubs that make up the LDF. Still others have gone to work in other jobs in those entities, changing its present.

Without work and "men", Mon Ramirez and Modesta had not "fall back on", but when they were called to play in clubs LDF, where they earn wages that allow them to cover much of your needs "saw the open sky".

Both are very grateful to Ruben Hernandez, athletic director at the University O&M, who say, He has made a great effort so that they not only are players, but they can become citizens purposes.


Mon Ramirez is a native player in the city of San Cristobal, family of humble origins who rose in an environment entirely football, near the Loyola Polytechnic Institute. Opposite the residence where he grew up there is a small soccer field where he used to spend most of the time.

He learned to play football Alberto hand (Dad), former member of the senior national team, Fernando, Nelson e Isidro, Ramirez Mon relatives who were regulars soccer players.

Mon Ramirez was first recruited by Moca FC, Cibao FC, then he went to Bauge FC and now belongs to the team of the University O&M. "The LDF has helped me become a better person", confesses the small, but disturbing attacker franchise O&M.

With a smile on their lips talk of playing football at professional level with the creation of the LDF "has given a new direction to my life".

Before I had to make 'delivery', mechanic's helper, electricians and other trades, as account. "Now I have other opportunities, because besides that I have a job where I earn to support my wife and girl, I have the opportunity to study ", states.

Never talk salary accruing to the team from the University O&M, but it indicates that it is enough to live with his wife, Elsi Arias, with whom he has fathered a child of just four months.

Since high school was, no opportunity was steady job and looking for ways how to get a job, He had begun a course of electricity and other hairdressing in the Juvenile Preparatory Institute of the city of San Cristobal.

my Ramírez, LHD, now you have the opportunity to study for a degree at the University O&M, which aims to study industrial mechanics or physical education.

With just over five feet tall, It is a big fan of Lionel Messi, the Argentine star player of the Spanish club Barcelona. His life has improved for their participation in motivational speaking that give players the O&M.

From boy when he was not on the small soccer field, then he moved to the side where there is a tennis complex, there also spent a good time. He came to play mini basketball club Pueblo Nuevo.

At 24 years, Mon Ramirez believes he still has a world of opportunities, not only as a player but to train as a professional, Thanks to professional football that has been playing in the Dominican Republic for more than three years.

Play as a professional he has provided great personal and family growth

Wilman Modesta

Paul Pogba, a French player 'Guinean' descent who plays as a midfielder for Manchester United has been the inspiration for Wilman Modesta to go climbing stairs in the Dominican football.

as Pogba, He started playing soccer at age seven in the courtyard of a church in the populous area Los Guandules. His coach was a German immigrant whose name I just remember 'Clemente'.

"He set up two goals with sticks in a rudimentary courtyard, behind the parish sector. There would invite children and teenagers and there we spent every afternoon ", Modesta account, adding that "there we met a group of children playing barefoot in a field that was more gravel earth".

The morning was to go to school, but all afternoon was to dedicate to kick balls in the makeshift court courtyard of the parish, guided by Clemente.

According grew, it was enthusing more and more for football and already when he was 12 he entered play with the Lions Club of Alma Rosa, invited by a friend.

Modesta is a degree of 22 years studying English at the University O&M.

He is grateful for the LDF "because it has helped me out of trouble", says footballer and a great admirer of Pogba who aspires to finish the race Language.

"I am very happy with the LDF because it has helped me bring up my family".

Modesta has free union with Yandera Cruz, with whom he has also fathered a four-month Jaison name Joshua.

In football you have seen the opportunity to have a family, but also to train study.

He wants to be like Pogba, who knows his history. This child has since devoted himself to football and his skills they have led him to stardom, playing in one of the most emblematic clubs in English football: Manchester United.

"I come from a poor family, I started playing in a yard with a very rustic land, but I've been beating. I think I can get more ", Modesta account.

His admiration for Pogba has led him to be like this: an agile player, with good ball control and many skills. "I run a lot like (Pogba), I'm agile ", dice. In the LDF began playing in the club Atletico Barcelona, but before it had belonged to Sporting, lower category club. He was also on the eleventh of Moca and is now with the University O&M.